This is me. Take me as I am.
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wedding date: April 20th 2013
I am a mommy.
One Girl. One Boy. children are my everything and if u hurt them get a shovel dig a hole and jump in...
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Love Disney? This blog is everything Disney!!
When you suddenly turn into a ballerina when you want to show someone something exciting




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how comes i didn’t have this on my blog already

this is what it feels like to have a depression i mean it literally feels like a monster in your body that needs to get out, one way or another 

Capricorns are particular with who they take in as friends. Even if a Capricorn tends to make friends easily, they do not see them as friends, but rather someone who they just socialize with on occasion. Those who are seen as friends by Capricorns hold their intense loyalty.

Love Disney? This blog is everything Disney!!

Love Disney? This blog is everything Disney!!
I hate it when I’m eating something crunchy and I can’t hear the TV anymore



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"oh good you’re awake. can you clean your room and then help me do-"


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2014 Quiz

Since when did self expression become a trend?
Since when did self harm become socially acceptable?
Cuts on your arms do not make you cool. what about those with no answers after a suicide?
When did eating disorders become a fashion statement?
Thanks tumblr for making thigh gaps cool.
Since when did it become so bad to actually be a parent?
I wish my parents were my friends too. Instead of the violence and broken bones seen daily.
Since when was it cool to be so promiscuous?
Don’t cry to me when your life is ruined and the baby is crying at 3am. You made your bed now lay in it.
Why are dbl standards even a thing?
This guy can so it but don’t you dare little girl.
Why do it matter who we choose to love?
This man and this man are happier than any man or woman I have seen.
Why is family such a hard structure to maintain? But, addictions aren’t?
When you choose drugs and a hard life over your child then cry when they are gone. You deserve it.